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Cuckold Kissing Wife

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Wife fucks a Kenyan and then a Jamaican then lets hubby fuck her last. Wife starts to say that she's really excited, the part around 10 minutes where the wife says "it's REALLY big" and the dirty talk between the husband and wife at 14:00 when she says "I can't feel you" and asks him did he like seeing her fuck big black dicks makes this video one of the best cuckold videos of all time.

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by synthophony 2 weeks ago

Where's the (quoted) "best cuckold videos of all time" ?
Here we see a "chubby" woman, who when is:
1) gently mounted "cheek to cheek", by 1^ BBC, she repairs her face as if she were under a rain of stones;
2) furiously mounted from behind, by 2^ BBC, she plugs her ears as if she were under an airplane taking off;
3) gently pounded by a (white) man, declared as his husband, she's finally calm, smiling, satisfied and talks to this man with words not well audible, perhaps close to his derision.